IAQ 8000 - HVAC Insulation Sealant
IAQ 8000 - HVAC Insulation Sealant
  • Model: 8380
  • Shipping Weight: 50lbs
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  • Manufactured by: Fiberlock

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Details: Fiberlock IAQ 8000 is a dual-purpose, high performance coating designed for use in duct work.

IAQ 8000 sealant is a high performance coating for use in duct work. This high-build coating is designed to bridge and reinforce duct liner or duct board insulation materials. IAQ 8000 can also be used to seal unlined duct work prior to component removal, preventing fiberglass and inanimate particulate from becoming airborne.

IAQ 8000 dries to form a durable, flexible, moisture-resistant protective coating with a semi-gloss finish that minimizes dirt buildup on the coating surface. The high viscosity provides maximum bridging ability on insulation materials and reduces sagging and dripping when applied to the vertical and top surfaces of unlined duct.

Successfully tested to ASTM standard C-411 “Hot Surface Performance of a Coating on Glass Fiber Blanket Insulation”. ASTM E-84 Class “I” fire rating. Meets requirements of NFPA 90A/90B standard. Additionally, IAQ 8000 was tested in accordance with the procedures outlined in ASTM G 21 and received a No. 0 rating (No fungal growth, 0% growth on the specimens).

Fiberlock IAQ 8000 yields a clean white finish. For a black finish, try IAQ 8500.

IAQ 8000 complies with the requirements for LEED® EQ Credit 4.2, low-emitting materials: paints and coatings.

Product Specifications
Solids by Weight ± 2%

Solids by Volume ± 2%

viscosity at 70° F
105-110 Kreb Units

Specular Gloss:
46° ± 3 @60°

Flash Point:

Shelf Life
36 Months Min.
(Original Sealed Container)

Calculated VOC:
90 Grams/liter

Smooth Surfaces:
200-600 ft2/gal
Porous Surfaces:
75-175 ft2/gal

Drying Times (@ 70-77° F, 50% R.H)
To Touch:
1-2 hour
To Recoat:
4-8 Hours

Minimum Application Temp:
50°F (10° C)

Package Sizes
5 Gallon
Weight Per Gallon
10.3 lbs/gal
Part Numbers
5 Gallon

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