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All Surface Cleaner UnSmoke

All Surface Cleaner

For cleaning smoke-damaged hard surfaces. Rinses easily and completely. Leaves surface bright and clean; prepared for smoke sealing and painting. Removes oils and many greases. Fast and powerful. Quick cleaning of smoke damaged surfaces saves time and labor. Low use cost. Can be diluted to meet the needs of the job. You never need to "over use." Economical powdered formula delivers maximum...


Blastmaster UnSmoke


Stable design, made of rugged molded polyethylene. This fogger is great for duct sealing, deodorizing and disinfecting. Suitable for applying water or solvent based formulations. The ULV feature means that extremely small particle sizes can be produced. Highly effective disinfection and odor control. Use coarse setting for duct sealing. Features include adjustable flow control valve, corrosion...


Degrease-All UnSmoke


A specially-formulated ammoniated degreasing solvent tough enough to remove heavy smoke residues, but gentle enough to be used as a traffic lane cleaner or upholstery pre-spray. Degrease-All® removes smoke residues, grease, and other difficult soils from painted surfaces, metal, concrete, tile, sealed or unsealed wood, hard floors and wet cleanable fabrics. Degrease- All® is nonflammable,...


Degrease-All 'E' UnSmoke

Degrease-All 'E'

A highly concentrated cleaner and degreaser specially formulated to remove smoke damage and fire related residues from electronic equipment. Designed for use in spray systems or ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Leaves surfaces residue free after proper rinsing.


Electro-Gen UnSmoke


A versatile odor control application tool. The Electro-Gen® produces "DRY FOG" on the order of smoke itself rather than the damage causing wet particles produced by conventional mister and foggers. Remove the barrel and the Electro- Gen® also can be used as an electric sprayer to apply solvent or water based chemicals for deodorizing, disinfecting, flame proofing, pest control, fabric protecting,...


Electro-Gen® 2000 UnSmoke

Electro-Gen® 2000

The ELECTRO-GEN® 2000 was designed with safety and performance in mind. The ELECTRO-GEN® 2000 uses water based UNSMOKE® THERMO-2000® formulations, a safer alternative to petroleum based products. The ELECTRO-GEN® 2000 is equipped with a thermostat controlled temperature sensor. The sensor reduces the risk of operator error and “droplet fallout” during fogging operations by disabling the fog...


Liqui-Zone UnSmoke


Liqui-Zone™ destroys odors through oxidation. May be sprayed or fogged. Effective on dead body odors, skunk odors, charred wood, etc. May be used to deodorize ductwork. Always test fabrics before use


Odor Control Manual UnSmoke

Odor Control Manual

A complete guide to comprehensive odor control including smoke, pet, dead body, skunk and many other specialized malodor situations. The newly-revised manual is complete, well-organized and shows step-by-step practical techniques as well as technical information. The Odor Control Manual has been revised, containing 168 pages of indispensable material for the restoration and odor control...




Enter the highly anticipated Unsmoke TABAC-ATTACK product system. Unsmoke’s new TABAC-ATTACK products are designed to permanently remove tobacco related smoke odors. The TABAC-ATTACK products deodorize materials and surfaces by reversing the ways by which materials become malodorous


Thermo Gen UnSmoke

Thermo Gen

Odor damaged materials and items may be profitably restored to their original condition. The Thermo-Gen® works incredibly fast, up to 1 million cubic feet may be treated in an hour. Occupants can often return to a fresh, clean, mal-odor free atmosphere within minutes of treatment, reducing loss of rents or additional living expenses. A thermal fogger is an absolute necessity for complete...


Un-Duz-It UnSmoke


Un-Duz-It® has been proven to be totally effective in correcting pet odor problems such as urine, feces, vomit and in the removal of organic-related staining. Un-Duz-It® utilizes bioenzymatic action (the complex organic substances formed in the living cells of plants and animals), as catalysts for the decomposition of organic-related odors and related staining. It eliminates the source of organic...


Un-Duz-It Brochure UnSmoke

Un-Duz-It Brochure

A single fold customer-oriented brochure that explains how Un-Duz-It® was developed and describes the features and benefits of the Un-Duz-It® system.


Un-Duz-It Injector UnSmoke

Un-Duz-It Injector

An exclusive attachment which adds injection capability to many sprayers. Patent Pending.


Unsoot #1 UnSmoke

Unsoot #1

Unsoot #1 Encapsulant is used to refinish air handling system duct work and ceiling plenums after fires, smoke damage, oil burner puff backs. Unsoot #1 contains loose particulate, etc.


Unsoot #2 Encapsulant with Micropel UnSmoke

Unsoot #2 Encapsulant with Micropel

Coating protected against microbial growth for 2 years. (Patent #5,066,328)


Urinse UnSmoke


An effective acid-based cleaning concentrate specially formulated to remove all stages of urine residue from both soft and hard surfaces. Deodorizes and prepares surfaces for additional cleaning, deodorizing, or sealing.


Woodcraft Restoration Cleaner UnSmoke

Woodcraft Restoration Cleaner

A specially-developed gel for restoring smoke damaged wood surfaces. Gentle but highly effective. A gel compound which restores wood's natural properties that are removed by fire related heat and gases. Can be used on any hard surface. Use on wood, metal, plastic, even fiberglass. Assists in the removal of smoke odor. Easy to use. Not recommended for use on unfinished wood. Depending on the...


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