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BotaniClean Microban


Antimicrobial/cleaner made with a unique thymol blend. A new solution from the name you trust – Microban! Purely better - inspired by nature. Thymol produces a consistent product every time.


Clean Carpet Sanitizer Microban

Clean Carpet Sanitizer

Simultaneously cleans and sanitizes carpets and rugs. Highly concentrated, anionic formulation is suitable for use on both stain resistant synthetic and natural fibers. This versatile product may be used in extraction, bonnet cleaning and for the plant cleaning of loose rugs. Fungistatic, bacteriostatic, deodorizing cleaner effective against odor causing bacteria and fungi. Recommended for use in...


Disinfectant Spray Plus Fragrance Free Microban

Disinfectant Spray Plus Fragrance Free

Ideal for treating air ducts or wherever a fragrance-free disinfectant is required. Disinfectant Spray Plus Fragrance-Free is a powerful bacteriostat, fungistat, and deodorizer. It’s the one product that’s right for multiple applications – water damage restoration, mold remediation and even for use in HVAC systems.


SurfaceShield Microban


SurfaceShield is a patented encapsulating adhesive coating suitable for application to a wide variety of building materials. SurfaceShield was developed as a tool for improving indoor air quality. (United States Patent # 5,066,328) SurfaceShield contains an EPA registered antimicrobial agent (copper 8 quinolinolate) that protects the dried film from microbial attack. SurfaceShield is made from...


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