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101H Vacuum IPC Eagle

101H Vacuum

Product Details: 5 Gallon Canister Vacuum HEPA   5 Gallon Dry Use Canister with HEPA Critical filter   Powerful and convenient quiet dry canister vacuum with HEPA filters   General purpose canister vacuum for cleaning floors including carpeting and dust control applications for use with sanding and cutting tools. Great to keep handy when the need arises to clean up common spills...


17" Power Nozzel Mastercraft

17" Power Nozzel

Designed for thorough cleaning of carpets, the high speed revolving brush agitates and removes embedded dirt, grooming fibers for a cleaner carpet. Low profile design reaches under and around furniture, cleaning right up to the edge of the baseboard. The heavy-duty wrap around bumper prevents damage to furniture and walls. The 5006 models are lightweight and have a floating head that...


300 Series Polyethylene IPC Eagle

300 Series Polyethylene

Product Details: Wet/Dry Vacuum 12 Gallons Critical Filtration   12 Gallon Wet/Dry and Critical Filtration Vacuum Rugged and powerful polyethylene wet/dry vacuum that comes equipped as wet/dry, or with HEPA critical filters to fit your cleaning application whether simply picking up water or vacuuming in a dusty environment.   Applications   General purpose vacuum for wet or dry...


400 Series Polyethylene IPC Eagle

400 Series Polyethylene

Product Details: 24 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Critical   24 Gallon Polyethylene Wet/Dry and HEPA Critical Vacuum. Available with 1, 2, 3 Motor Configurations and 3FLOW Vacuum   Rugged and powerful polyethylene wet/dry vacuum available in multiple configurations to fit the application.   Applications General purpose vacuum for wet or dry application including HEPA critical filters. Can be...


400 Series Pump Out Vacuum IPC Eagle

400 Series Pump Out Vacuum

Product Details: Wet/Dry Vacuum with Pump Out Pumps up to 48 Gallons per minute   Pumps up to 48 Gallons per Minute. Available in 1, 2 Motor Configurations   Rugged and powerful automatic discharge wet vacuum. Machine will automatically discharge collected water.   Applications: General purpose vacuum for wet application with added productivity of automatic discharge. Can be used...


Barrel Vac with 55 gallon drum IPC Eagle

Barrel Vac with 55 gallon drum

Product Details: Fit on 55 Gallon Drum   Vacuum Head and Adaptor for 55 Gallon Drum. Available in 1, 2, 3 Motor Configurations and 3Flow   Convert a 55 gallon drum into a large capacity wet/dry vacuum   Applications: Large capacity wet/dry vacuum for manufacturing, construction or situations where large amounts of debris needs to be collected.   Features:   Vacuum head,...


CT15 Automatic Scrubber IPC Eagle

CT15 Automatic Scrubber

Product Details: 4/5 Gallon 14" - Brush Drive   The CT15 offers exceptional productivity in tight areas.   Scrubs in difficult to reach areas Solution control with automatic stop (Solenoid valve) Removable recovery tank Height-adjustable handle Easy-to-use control panel Brush control with delayed automatic stop CFS (Center Flow System) High quality performance vacuum Easy to transport...


HEPA 390 ASB Vacuum Pullman-Holt

HEPA 390 ASB Vacuum

390ASB is a powerful 4-gallon, dry only HEPA vacuum with exceptional stability. Designed for professional cleaning, this canister style vacuum has a superior, low profile design that makes it extremely maneuverable and easy to use. The 390ASB is equipped with a HEPA filter that is individually tested and certified.


HEPA Extractor/Vacuum Mastercraft

HEPA Extractor/Vacuum

This unique extractor/vacuum system is equipped with a HEPA filter system, and designed to remove hazardous material safely from carpeted and hard surface flooring. Solution is sprayed onto the surface, contained and vacuumed up in one pass.


HEPA Model 102ASB Vacuum Pullman-Holt

HEPA Model 102ASB Vacuum

Our popular 2-hp, 2-stage long-life motor makes this HEPA vacuum a true “work horse” for heavy duty service in professional abatement work. The 102ASB offers superior vacuum recovery, ranging from dry, light particulates, to wet, heavy debris. Available in wet/dry, dry only model or as a drum adapter kit.


HEPA Model 86ASB Vacuum Pullman-Holt

HEPA Model 86ASB Vacuum

The model 86ASB is designed to work in tight areas, on scaffolding or any job site where a rugged steel compact vacuum is required. Easy to carry and transport. Choose between wet/dry or dry only model. • 10' X 5' crushproof hose • 5' two-piece metal wand • ABS floor brush tool • ABS floor squeegee tool (not included with 86ASB5D4C) • Round dusting brush


Hospital Antibacterial Dry Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filter IPC Eagle

Hospital Antibacterial Dry Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA filter

Product Details: Antibacterial Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Inhibits bacteria growth Large Capacity, 6 Gallons 4 Stage filtration including 2 HEPA filters   6 Gallon Antibacterial Dry Vacuum with HEPA filers   Vacuum specifically designed for hospital environments. The vacuum, hose and wand are made of antibacterial plastic and has four stages of filtration of which two are HEPA.  ...


Model 30ASB Backpack Pullman-Holt

Model 30ASB Backpack

The ideal asbestos vacuum for elevated and hard-to-reach areas. Excellent for sampling and glove bag work. • Heavy duty steel tank with powder coated finish. • High efficiency “Drop-in”style HEPA filter individually certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at .3 microns (based on 1EST-RP-CC007 particle count test method). • Includes 10’ crush proof hose & dusting brush. • Top fill design...


Model 45 HEPA Vacuum Pullman-Holt

Model 45 HEPA Vacuum

Equipped with a powerful 1.5-hp motor and an extra large capacity HEPA filter system, the model 45 offers the air flow efficiency of vacuums costing three times as much. The model 45 is manufactured to the same high standards as our large industrial HEPA vacuums. Available in wet/dry or dry.


Raven Avenger Series Ultimate Solutions

Raven Avenger Series

Raven gives you the Technical Edge. Ultimate Solutions' Avenger Series Raven vacuums deliver the latest advances in vacuum design technology to give you the clear cut advantage. Raven's third major design enhancement in as many years clearly demonstrates Ultimate Solutions' commitment to design excellence and powerful performance. Take a closer look, and you'll see that never before have so many...

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SmartVac 664 Sweeper IPC Eagle

SmartVac 664 Sweeper

Product Details: 32" Battery Powered Vacuum Sweeper   The Smart Vac™ 664 is in a category all of its own and will change how floor surfaces are maintained.   The battery operated Smart Vac™ 664 will vacuum carpet and sweep floors at incredible productivity rates, automatically adjusting to any surface, and even cleans its own filter. Throw away your old uprights and see a return on...


SmartVac™ 464 Sweeper IPC Eagle

SmartVac™ 464 Sweeper

Product Details: 24" Battery Powered Vacuum Sweeper   The SmartVac™ 464 sweeper is in a category of its own & has changed how floor surfaces are maintained.   The battery operated SmartVac™ 464 vacuums carpets & sweeps floors at an incredible productivity rate, it automatically adjust to any surface, & even cleans its own filter. The main brush is self-levelling to account for uneven...


Steel/Stainless Steel Dry & W/D Vacuums Model 1010 Mastercraft

Steel/Stainless Steel Dry & W/D Vacuums Model 1010

Designed for the safe and efficient removal of hazardous material, especially extra fine particles. Equipped witha powerful 1.3 HP motor and HEPA critical filtration system that effectively removes and filters out fine dust down to 0.3 microns. The HEPA filter is protected by the intermediary filter and totally enclosed paper filter bag, extending the life of the HEPA filter and increases the...


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