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All Fiber Textile Rinse Chemspec

All Fiber Textile Rinse

Economical: All Fiber Textile Rinses dilution ratio is 1 ounce per gallon of water. This highly concentrated acidic rinse will make 129 gallons of Ready To Use Solution. Effectively used on upholstery as well as carpet. Experience has taught us that leaving fibers and fabrics in an acid state after cleaning will help prevent browning. Use All Fiber textile Rinse on Carpets, Upholstery, Urine,...


Amazing Rinse-Free Spot All Pro's Choice

Amazing Rinse-Free Spot All

The newest general spotting technology on the market. It removes all types of spots, spills and stains better, but equally important, it leaves behind anti-wicking and anti-soiling protection. When you take out a spot, it stays gone. Amazing Rinse-Free Spot All is rinse free. Amazing Rinse-Free Spot All may be used on all wet cleanable fiber types. DIRECTIONS: For Carpets: Wet soiled spot,...


Amped Enzyme Booster Additive Sapphire Scientific

Amped Enzyme Booster Additive

Boost the performance of Surge Traffic Lane Cleaner. Amped Enzyme Booster Additive boosts the performance of Surge Traffic Lane cleaner to tackle tough biological soils such as urine, blood and protein stains. Amped uses enzymes – substances that promote faster chemical reactions – that boost the ability of detergents and emulsifiers to attack and dissolve the soils commonly found in carpet,...


ARA (Anti Re-Soiling Agent): Pro's Choice

ARA (Anti Re-Soiling Agent):

Have you ever had a reappearing spot?  Now with Pro’s Choice “ARA” those days are gone. Anti Re-Soiling Agent or “ARA” actually alters the capillary action to dry the sticky substances that cause re-soiling into a fine powder that vacuums up easily.  Simply spray “ARA” after cleaning and call backs are a thing of the past.


BlackOut Filtration Soil Remover Kleenrite

BlackOut Filtration Soil Remover

Removes black filtration lines from carpet edges, under doors and around heating and air conditioning vents. It suspends back carbon and other pollutants for easy, thorough extraction. BlackOut is unlike any other formula in the KleenRite product line. It was specifically developed to target and emulsify dark soil that from carpet to air vents to troublesome stains like copier toner. This product...


Browning Treatment Kleenrite

Browning Treatment

removes cellulosic browning & yellowing • For use on carpet and upholstery. • May be used to remove or lighten urine, fruit juice and beer type stains. • Does not leave soil attracting residue. • Deodorizes as it dries. • Safely removes cellulosic browning, yellowing and other discolorations from carpet and fibers. • Whitens Oriental and area rug fringes.


Brush & Bonnet with Stain Guardian Pro's Choice

Brush & Bonnet with Stain Guardian

Brush & Bonnet with Stain Guardian is a cleaning agent that incorporates soil crystallization technology into carpet shampoo and bonnet cleaning process. The addition of Stain Guardian to the Brush & Bonnet formulation and delivered additional stain protection to the already unparalleled cleaning performance. Brush & Bonnet may be used in wet pad and dry pad bonnet cleaning processes. It may also...


CaféAway Kleenrite


removes coffee & tea stains • Two-part system; highly synergistic. • Effective on a variety of stains, including *Kool-Aid®, soy sauce, wine, soda, iodine, barbecue sauce, blood, toner, fruit juice, tomato sauce, urine and water marks. • Excellent for Oriental and area rug fringes. • Exceptional color reversal properties.


Carpet Shark Pro's Choice

Carpet Shark

Ultimate spotting tool.  With a serrated scraper, spatula blade, and a penetrator/groomer the Shark gives you everything you need to attack gum, tar, adhesives, and more.


Chemspec All Fabric Stainshield Chemspec

Chemspec All Fabric Stainshield

All-Fabric Stainshield® Effective on all fabrics. Protects upholstery, draperies and clothing from both oil and water- based stains.Specially formulated for oil and water based soil and stain protection.


Chemspec Browning Treatment Chemspec

Chemspec Browning Treatment

Browning Treatment Removes cellulosic browning from carpet and upholstery. Results from intensive laboratory research - As a result of the search to solve the professional carpet cleaners’ problem of carpet and upholstery browning, Chemspec’s research and development department formulated Browning Treatment. 


Chemspec Powdered Formula 90 Chemspec

Chemspec Powdered Formula 90

Powdered Formula 90 An ultraconcentrated, anti-corrosive, low foaming carpet detergent for use in all hot water extraction units.


CHLORX Bleach Neutralizer Pro's Choice

CHLORX Bleach Neutralizer

Description: ChlorX is a highly active bleach neutralizer. Dilution: 3 oz. ChlorX into 8 oz. Water. Procedure: Flood the bleached spot with water and vacuum dry. Repeat this process at least 3 times to remove as much contamination as possible. Thoroughly soak the bleached area with ClorX solution and allow 3 minutes dwell time prior to your color restoration. As with all cleaning chemicals...


Citra Quick Pro's Choice

Citra Quick

Pro’ s Choice “Citra Quick” is a unique 100% concentrate blend of solvents and surfactants that rinses easily from the carpet. When you encounter carpet that looks more like asphalt a light spray of “Citra Quick” will instantly break the soil viscosity so that your subsequent cleaning procedure can easily lift the soil from the carpet.


CMC - Color Modifying Cosmetics Pro's Choice

CMC - Color Modifying Cosmetics

CMC Usage: When restoring color to bleach spots, first neutralize the bleach using ChlorX. Apply a conservative amount of Pro Solve NE to the discolored fibers. Wipe the fibers with CMC and work the color into the fibers. If excess color is applied, wet area conservatively with Pro Solve Liquid and blot away the excess color. Use the tint colors to adjust the color as needed. 1 6 pack of each...


Colorfast For Rugs Chemspec

Colorfast For Rugs

Specifically formulated as a cold water extraction product to prevent color loss when cleaning wool or any other fiber that presents a bleeding problem. An acid side detergent formulation that gently, yet effectively cleans even the most challenging of potential bleeders.


DCI Light Pro's Choice

DCI Light

Pro’s Choice “DCI Light”: (Detection, Chemical Activation, & Inspection). This light comes with 3 separate tubes to accomplish these functions. 1. A long wavelength UV tube for Urine Detection. 2. An unfiltered UV tube that emits both UVA & UVB frequencies. It is used to increase the reactivity of Stain Magic, giving you incredible power to remove the impossible stains such as Curry, Mustard,...


DFC 210 Chemspec

DFC 210

DFC Technology cleans without using synthetic chemistry. The unique formulation of DFC Carpet Cleaner Pre-Spray turns soils and surfactant residues into free rinsing soaps and is the perfect pre-spray to use on all natural and synthetic carpets and upholstery. As DFC cleans it converts from an alkali to an acid and contains no pH when the surface is dry. Self neutralizing squeeky clean carpets...


DFC105 Chemspec


DFC Technology cleans without using synthetic chemistry. The unique formulation of DFC Carpet Cleaner/Rinse turns all soils and surfactant residues into free rinsing soaps and is the perfect rinse aid to neutralize alkali or acid residues from carpets and upholstery. As DFC cleans it converts from an alkali to an acid and contains no pH when the surface is dry. Self neutralizing squeeky clean...


Dirt Chaser Pro's Choice

Dirt Chaser

The next generation of pre-sprays is here. “Dirt Chaser” is an enzyme based pre-spray/booster that breaks up both soils and proteins from synthetic fibers.  “Dirt Chaser’s” unique chemistry makes it resistant to both pH and temperature extremes making it effective as both a pre-spray and as a booster for other pre-sprays.  Pro's Choice Fire Water: As its name implies “Fire Water” is very high...


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