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H2Odor Kleenrite


H2Odor is a super concentrated fragrance that may be added to any water base cleaning solution, such as truckmount extraction concentrate or mop water. It may also be applied by misting directly into air or onto surface after cleaning. This product is excellent for use on all surfaces not damaged by water. Available in a variety of fragrances.


Liqui-Zone UnSmoke


Liqui-Zone™ destroys odors through oxidation. May be sprayed or fogged. Effective on dead body odors, skunk odors, charred wood, etc. May be used to deodorize ductwork. Always test fabrics before use


Odor Control Manual UnSmoke

Odor Control Manual

A complete guide to comprehensive odor control including smoke, pet, dead body, skunk and many other specialized malodor situations. The newly-revised manual is complete, well-organized and shows step-by-step practical techniques as well as technical information. The Odor Control Manual has been revised, containing 168 pages of indispensable material for the restoration and odor control...


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