Trauma Scene Remediation

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$499.00 per person

MR-211 is a comprehensive course covering trauma scene cleanup and decontamination. Attendees will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge required to properly evaluate, clean and decontaminate a site following a human trauma event. Length: 2 days Certification: RSA Certification Fee: $40.00 USD*

Course Focus:
Microbiology: Regulations: Psychological Issues: Health & Safety: Biocides: Work Practices: Odor Control: Work Practices: HVAC Systems: Putrefaction: Case Study: Certification:
Microbiology of human bodily fluids and potential pathogenic implications OSHA, CDC, FDA and State requirements, regulations and recommendations Psychological issues related to surviving family, occupants, and workers Lines of defense, Immunizations, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Discusses why and how to use antimicrobials and biocides Equipment, supplies and processes for structure and contents decontamination Discusses methods and procedures to control and remove odor Processes for cleanup/remediation of both structure and contents
Provides methods for evaluating restoration processes and feasibility

Managing trauma scene cleanup after significant time has allowed putrefaction Utilizes actual project files to illustrate full cleaning and decontamination process

Certification is administered by the Restoration Sciences Academy. Students will be provided the opportunity to challenge the RSA MR-211 exam at the conclusion of the program. Upon successful completion of the exam, students will be registered with RSA and receive both a certification card and certificate.

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